The Glenamoy Angling Club History

Welcome to the online home of the Glenamoy Angling Club!

Fáilte! Welcome to the online home of the Glenamoy Angling Club! The Glenamoy River is renowned for its stocks of Salmon, and Sea Trout. It has very rich spawning grounds on the upper section of the river, and it is classed as a late river, meaning that fishing goes on up to early October.
The Glenamoy River is located in North Mayo in the Bangor district. The river gets a good run of grilse and seatrout form July to September. It is a spate river with the best of the sport to be had as the water levels recede after a flood. The more successful anglers pay close attention to the prevailing weather conditions in the catchment as the water levels can rise and fall quite quickly over the course of a flood. Fishing rights on the river are state owned and the fishery is leased to Glenamoy Community Angling Association.
Considerable development works have been carried out by the North Western Regional Fisheries Board (now Inland Fisheries Ireland) in recent years under the catchment management initiative. Access has been improved with an extensive bush clearance programme and with the erection of stiles and footbridges throughout the length of the fishery. Angling pools have been excavated and wheelchair access has also been provided. Day permits and State Angling Licences are available from The Anglers Rest Bar in Glenamoy village.
Extensive fishing is available from the New Bridge pool to the confluence with the Muingnabo River 8km downstream. A fly only rule is in place and the most successful patterns are Hairy Mary, Thunder and Lightning and various Shrimp patterns (sizes 8 to 12) for grilse and Teal Blue and Silver and Black Pennell (sizes 10 to 12) for seatrout.
Under the 2011 Salmon Angling Regulations, the Glenamoy River is open for angling. A one fish per day bag limit applies from May 1st to May 11th, with a three fish per day limit applying between 12th May and 31st August. A one fish per day bag limit applies from 1st September to September 30th. The Glenamoy River is subject to a quota in 2011, with a brown gill tag also required for catches which are retained.

Salmon 1st May to 30th September
Sea Trout 1st May to 12th October
Brown Trout 1st May to 12th October  time