The Glenamoy River

The Glenamoy River has a catchment of 85 sq.kilometers and is just 23 kilometers long. Access has been greatly improved with stiles and footbridges built by the North-Western Regional Fisheries Board (now Inland Fisheries Ireland). The tidal section fishes well for seatrout from late July. In a spate, there is about 15 kilometers of excellent fishing from Glencalry Lodge down to the tide. It is an excellent seatrout river, fly-only, but the salmon fishing can be absolutely spectacular, particularly in August and September. Anglers have come away from an evening's fishing with half a dozen salmon! Some of the nicest pools are downstream from the graveyard, past the concrete bridge, where a lot of good development work has been done on pools by Inland Fisheries Ireland.

The River is made up of several fishing pools, namely Poll a Mhuileann (Mill Pool), Poll a Bhalla (Wall Pool), Wheelchair Pool, Bun Na Muinge (Muing Pool), Poll na Bearaice (Barrack Pool), Poll Fada (Long Pool), Poll a' Droichead (Bridge Pool), Poll Padraig a Bhainc (Pat the Banks Pool) and Spiorog.

Salmon 1st May to 30th September
Sea Trout 1st May to 12th October
Brown Trout 1st May to 12th October