The Glenamoy Angling Club Fishing Permits

Fishing Season
Salmon 1st May to 30th September
Sea Trout 1st May to 12th October
Brown Trout 1st May to 12th October

Fishing Permits
All permits can be purchased at Anglers Rest Pub in Glenamoy, phone +353 (0)97 87961 or Philip & Eileen Irwin, Lenarevagh, Glenamoy, at +353 (0)97 87938. Wheelchair participants 50% of applicable fees.

The Glenamoy River is subject to a quota in 2011, with a brown gill tag required for catches which are retained. Anglers who are not in possession of a brown gill tag have to fish under Catch & Release regulations using single barbless hooks!

Methods of Fishing
The Glenamoy River is a FLY ONLY River!
The spinner is not allowed. The most popular flies used are:
Black Pennel, Bibio & Teal Blue & Silver for Sea trout
Various Shrimp patterns, Hairy Mary & Thunder & Lightning for Salmon

The Wheelchair Pool
This Pool was created in Autumn of 2002. The Glenamoy Community Association, the riparian owner, and the North Western Regional Fisheries Board (now Inland Fisheries Ireland) saw the need for such a facility on the river. This will enable 2 to 3 wheelchair participants to fish the pool at any time. The local residents see this as the jewel in the crown.

Ghillie Service
A ghillie service is availabe if required. Please phone +353 (0)97 87867 for further details.

The wheelchair pool facilitates 2 to 3 wheelchair participants to fish at any time.